Small, Mobile, Powerful
Thanks to its high level of precision, laser welding equipment is already being routinely employed today in the Aerospace and Automotive industry as well as for tool and mold making. However, its ability to handle extremely small details also makes it the ideal tool for Dental Technicians, Goldsmiths and Jewelers. OR Laser has developed a particularly compact piece of laser equipment especially for this target group: the Piccolaser. At last a piece of equipment that combines the toughest quality requirements priced with extreme cost efficiency.

Highlights at a glance
High pulse peak power
Joystick control of all functions
Motorized travel in x/y/z axes
Direct laser beam source
Ultimate flexibility

The Piccolaser has a very compact construction: The four integrated motorized axes allow a repeat accuracy of 0.1 mm. An accurate control system handles movement in the x, y and z axes as well as the rotational axis. Thanks to its modular design, the system can be matched exactly to the particular technical requirements preferred.

Pinpoint accuracy…
The Piccolaser replaces the conventional methods of soldering, welding and fusing, but is far quicker, more precise and has repeat accuracy: Set parameters can be easily called up again at any time. In contrast to normal soldering or conventional gas welding, a homogeneous melt is produced at the fusion point of the materials to be joined. Accurate point or area laser welding, therefore, delivers an optimum result without discolouration, spots or beads. This makes physical or optical quality defects and costly reprocessing a thing of the past, saving time and money. Laser instant adjustments can be carried out immediately.

Why Piccolaser?

All functions can be controlled simply via
the joystick.

The internal water-air cooling system ensures homogeneous beam quality

The high quality binoculars enable you
to work accurately down to the smallest detail.

Ergonomic hand ports guarantee absolute freedom of movement and prevent fatigue.

The controller is used to input programs and display data such as power, pulse duration and pulse repetition frequency during operation.

The PICCOLASER is supplied in the three standard colours anthracite, silver or beige. However, we can manufacture on request in any colour from dense black to shocking pink-to suit your laboratory or showroom

Useful Accessories

Magnetic tension ball XS
The ideal accessory for simple handling of you welding parts.

Part-No.: 2500026

Rotating device
Rotating Devise with fully adjustable 3-Jaw chuck, 90⁰ tilting and 360⁰ swivel makes work on Tools Quick and Easy!
Part-No.: 2500011   manual
Part-No.: 2500020   motorized

Telescope Optics
The Telescopic Extension allows continuous
Real Time Change in Focal Positions up to 20 mm.
Part-No.: 2200014

Technical data
Laser Model

Laser type
Max. mean power
Pulse peak power
Max. pulse energy
Pulse duration
Pulse frequency
Focus diameter
Line voltage (V/Hz)

PL 40

40 W
7 kW
60 J
0,2 - 30 ms
1,0 - 20 Hz
0,2 - 2 mm
230 / 50

PL 55

55 W
9 kW
80 J
0,2 - 30 ms
1,0 - 20 Hz
0,2 - 2 mm
230 / 50

PL 55B

55 W
11 kW
100 J
0,2 - 30 ms
1,0 - 20 Hz
0,2 - 2 mm
230 / 50

System Configuration
Laser system
Laser resonator including resonator mechanics

Laser rod

Resonator mirror
Safety shutter
Beam expansion
Mains supply including mains fuse
Mains isolator
Emergency stop
Motor circuit breaker
Low voltage power supply 24 VDC
Interface with hardware monitiring function
Lamp switch
C bank
Internal water-air cooling system

Industry controller for setting and display of power, pulse duration, pulse repetition frequency with external trigger via footswitch
Processing optics
Variable beam expansion

Beam deflection

Safety glass
LCD anti-glare
Binoculars 10x
Focussing lens
Motorized z axis (100mm rise) optional

Motorized x/y table (100mm travel) optional
10 kg maximum load
Joystick control of all functions
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions: With 450mm / Height 1000mm / Lenght 950mm

Weight: 70kg net