The rising demand for inexpensive laser welding solutions for very small series or individual parts motivated us to develop a new laser welding system for individual needs. In addition to our own practical experience, we also implemented suggestions from our customers.

The practically-oriented operation of the laser welding system offers sufficient user comfort for efficient laser welding. Continue reading to learn about all the new developments and form your own opinion.

ECO laser system. Uncompromisingly cost-efficient!
This new development offers an inexpensive introduction to laser welding, particularly for small-sized companies and young entrepreneurs who make their first steps in this field. Of course, this laser welding system is also suitable for experts who would like to expand their welding capacities. It is small and compact, can be quickly readied for use and is extremely precise in order to satisfy rising user requirements, such as in tool and die making. No compromises were made in the area of user comfort in particular. The motor-controlled table (x/y/z) with a carrying capacity of 150 kg allows axissynchronous laser welding. This is also possible with 4 axes in connection with the motorised rotary axis.

Always at hand and as individual as your working style. Along with the display,
the joystick functions as the central operating element. It can be used directly
for selecting and executing important functions. This increases the efficiency
during laser welding since all laser parameters are directly modified via
the joystick.

Point welding of

Tool and die making
Die insert injection
moulding tool

Aviation engineering
Drive components for
military and civil aviation

Mechanical engineering
Machine parts with
complex alloys

Medical technology
Implants for invasive

The autofocus system of OR Laser.

Automatic online focusing
Fast and precise work
Coaxial distance regulation
Measurement precision at 15 μm
750 Hz scanning rate

The welding capabilities can be further improved with the autofocus system. This optional expansion allows automated adaptation of the working distance during welding. This automatically corrects for small shape deviations, allowing consistent weld seam quality. 360° rotating optics and telescoping extension are additional optional expansions that make the ECO Laser from O.R. Lasertechnology GmbH an even more efficient laser welding.

Innovative display!
The laser system is intuitively operated via a 5’’ touchscreen display. All important parameters are clearly arranged, and the most important functions can be reached with single finger touches. In addition, all technical parameters can be stored and reloaded again when needed.

Technical data
Laser Model

Laser type
Max. mean power
Pulse peak power
Max. pulse energy
Pulse duration
Pulse frequency
Focus diameter 
Line voltage (V/Ph/Hz)
Line voltage (V/Ph/Hz)

ECO 2600  

80 W
3,5 kW
60 J
0,5 - 30 ms
0,5 - 20 Hz
0,2 - 2,5 mm
EU 240 / 1 / 50-60
US 110 / 1 / 50-60    

ECO 3300  

100 W
5 kW
80 J
0,5 - 30 ms
0,5 - 20 Hz
0,2 - 2,5 mm
EU 400 / 3 / 50-60

System equipment
Laser system
Laser resonator comprimising

Pump chamber

Laser rod
Resonator mirror
Safety shutter
Beam extension
Power supply including circuit breaker
Power disconnecting switch
Emergency stop switch
Motor protection switch
Extra low voltage power supply 24 VDC
Interface with hardware monitoring function
Lamp switch

Industry controller for setting and display of power,pulse duration, pulse frequency with external trigger
Capaciter bank
Internal water-air cooling system
Processing optics
Variable beam expansion

LCD flash protection

Beam deflection
Binoculars 10 - X
Safety glass
Focussing lens f=100mm standard
Linear system
4-Achsen Steuerung

Operation via joystick

Traverse range Z-Axis: 400 mm (table)
X-Y axis for Bearbeitungstisch über Schrittmotoren
Positioning speed 0,5 - 15 mm/s
Hub: x-Achse: 200 mm / y-Achse: 250 mm
LED lightening

Swiveling unit for resonator for the motor-conrolled welding of large molds
Schutzgasversorgung direkt über Magnetventil gesteuert
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions: width 472 x height 1270 x length 1160 mm

Weight: 190 kg net