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Powerful, reliable, …adaptable
The mobile laser welding system HTS Mobile combines flexibility and stability in the servicing and repairing of small precision components for the Aerospace industry as well as large die-casting molds that are, for example, required for the manufacturing of Automobile Bumbers.

Motor traverse and Teach-in function
The mobile laser system can easily be moved and fixed in a stable position by means of the brakes.

The movement of the axes permits a very long traverse range, which is accomplished via the joystick. Optionally the system can be supplied with
either an analogue joystick or digital joystick both equipped with Teach-in control. The welding position can be determined at a precision of 0.1 mm.

Unique – the cooling system COR-23
Permanent operation is guaranteed due to the internal compressor cooling system – and without the risk of overheating!

A temperature stability of +/- 1° C ensures constant pulse/pulse stability,
thus increasing the service life of the laser lamp.

Highlights at a glance
Autofocus system
COR-23 internal compressor cooling system
Motor traverse in X/Y/Z and R-axis!
Teach-in function
Autoweld (CNC control)
Direct laser beam source
Low oscillation due to high quality rail system

COR 23 compressor cooling system
Constructive application of laser welding in the manufacturing of tools and mold

Basic component:
Mold core for the production
of bottle caps. Consisting
of tool steel 1.2343
combined with CuBe
(Copper beryllium)

First step:
Edge protection by means
of material coating

Second step:
Fusing mold core with insert

Third step:
Entire application of a 0.2
mm thick protection and
wearresistant coating

Technical data
Laser Model

Laser type
Max. mean power
Pulse peak power
Max. pulse energy
Pulse duration
Pulse frequency
Focus diameter
Line voltage (V/Ph/Hz)

120 W

120 W
6 kW
50 J
0,5 - 20 ms
0,5 - 20 Hz
0,2 - 2,5 mm
400 / 3 / 50

160 W

160 W
7,5 kW
60 J
0,5 - 20 ms
0,5 - 20 Hz
0,2 - 2,5 mm
400 / 3 / 50

200 W

200 W
9 kW
75 J
0,5 - 20 ms
0,5 - 20 Hz
0,2 - 2,5 mm
400 / 3 / 50

System equipment
Laser system
Laser resonator comprimising

Motor protection switch

Resonator mechanics
Extra low voltage power supply 24 VDC
Laser rod
Interface with hardware monitoring function
Lamp switch
Resonator mirror
Industry controller for setting and display
Safety shutter of power, pulse duration, pulse frequency
Beam expansion with external trigger via foot switch
Power supply including circuit breaker

Capacitor bank
Power disconnecting switch
Internal compressor cooling system
Emergency stop switch with water-air heat exchanger
Processing optics
Variable beam expansion

LCD flash protection

Beam deflection
Binoculars 10 - X
Safety glass
Focussing lens
Linear system
Z axis for mounting the resonator

Swiveling unit for resonator for the motor-controlled
welding of large molds

Operation via joystick

Shielding gas supply direct

Traverse range Z-axis:
570 mm controlled via solenoid valve
X-Y axis for positioning the resonator
Positioning speed 0.5 – 15 mm/s

Stable construction made of aluminum sections adjustable via step motors with powder-coated steel plate covers

Massive steel substructure mounted on

Traverse range: x-axis: 700 mm / heavy duty rollers Y-axis: 400 mm
LED lighting
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions: width 950 x height 1550 x length 1250 mm

Weight: 370 kg net