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Serial measurements with the integrated CNC control
system are carried out automatically.

Machining centers must be relieved of any unproductive work as much as possible. Presetting and measuring workpieces and electrodes are jobs that can be more effciently done on a measuring station.

The motto is presetting while the machine is working. With the PreSet 3D CNC, you provide your operators with a facility that has been optimally designed for such a purpose.


Measuring machine (working plate with borehole grid for all EROWA tooling systems)

Pneumatic control system

PC and color printer

Presetting software

Renishaw measuring probe TPC 3

Calibration ball

Technical data
  PreSet 3D CNC
Range, X-axis 650 mm
Range, Y-axis 700 mm
Range, Z-axis 500 mm
Maximun distance between table and probe holder ( without probe) 643.5 mm
Maximun distance between the columns at table height 820 mm
Usable surface of the granite plate (with EROWA borehole pattern) 820 x 1300 mm
Resolution, scales 0.0005 mm
Measuring accuracy according to volume (according to M=0.003+ISO 10360/2 M = 0.003+0.0035xL
Axis movement speed 18m/min

Machine dimensions
Height 2550mm
Surface 1089 x 1455 mm
Maximun workpiece load 650 kg
Maximun probe weight 1.2 kg
Machine weight (without load) 775 kg

Electrode preset made easy
The electrode presetting station for every contingency. The matured design does justice to everyday life in the workshop. Measurements in the X-, Y-, Z- and C-axes can be carried out quickly and safely. The presetting station can be equipped with various tooling systems.

Order Numbers
Without C-axis
ER-057208 PreSet 2D UnoSet
ER-057209 PreSet 2D PalletSet W
ER-057210 PreSet 2D UPC
ER-057211 PreSet 2D ITS Compact Combi
ER-057212 PreSet 2D Production Chuck 210
Without C-axis
ER-057213 PreSet 2D+C ITS Chuck 100
ER-057214 PreSet 2D+C ITS Compact Combi

2D Probe
Simply ingenious: The 2D edge probe
(EROWA patent) enables you to make
the necessary measurements on radii,
edges, corners, and oblique surfaces.

The practical user guidance in the
EROWA mode shows step by step how
offset values are determined.

Complete Equipment

The measuring station is supplied with following elements:

- Measuring slab with trolley
- Integrated chuck
- PT880 digital display with
  presetting mac
- Two-axis measuring facility
- EROWA 2D edge probe
- Instruction manual
- Detergent for hard-stone slab

EROWA PreSet Basic
PreSet Basic is the ideal setting and presetting station for a quick check of the Z-plane or to
align workpieces in the Y-axis. Its stable trolley enables you to place it wherever it makes
most sense in terms of work.

ER-057206 PreSet Basic UPC
Version Presetting station with trolley, measuring top, UPC chuck and probe
Load: 100 kg
Application: Setting and aligning of workpieces on UPC pallets

ER-057205 PreSet Basic PalletSet W
Version Presetting station with trolley, measuring top, PSW chuck and probe
Load: 25 kg
Application: Setting and aligning of workpieces on PalletSet W holders
ER-057204 PreSet Basic Uno Set
Version Presetting station with trolley, measuring top, UnoSet chuck and probe
Load: 10 kg
Application: Setting and aligning of workpieces on UnoSet holders

Technical Data

PreSet Basic UPC PalletSet W
Operational Weight (kg) 230 220
Max. load (kg) 100
Gauge gradation (mm) 0.002 0.002
Probe systemanalog dial gauge on flexible stand
Space requirements (mm) 800 x 500 x 1000