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 Special offer 3D-Measuring Machine RAPID CNC

Granite guide ways of highest quality secures high thermal stability, precision and mechanical rigidity. Through the high precision of the guides and the high quality of the surfaces the air consumption of the air bearings is minimized.
Completely encompassed guide ways optimize the repeatability of the measuring results.
Joystick MCU Lite from Renishaw with function keys and speed regulation. Double passive vibration damping is integrated in the support frame as a standard.

Probe Heads from RENISHAW
a) TP8 manual, swingable probe head with M3 thread. Must be recalibrated after turning and rotation.
Probe changer MCR 20 Usable with the RTP20 for full automatic system operation. Stores up to 6 probe modules
b) RTP20 Probe head manual-automatic, rotate- and swingable probe head with TP20 probe and 1 module. Turns and rotate by using a ball rod.

10 piece stylus box.

User Friendly Inspection Software “CAPPS”:
Measuring of geometrical elements with graphical analyses. All the elements are displayed on the screen. Generate inspection reports automatically with text and graphics. No CAD import available.
CAD import available. Measuring of geometrical elements against CAD model. Digitize and scan curves from parts. 3D graphical display of all measured and nominal features. GD&T Tolerance and Report Generation.

Machine Delivery Contains:
1. 3D-Coordinate Measuring Machine RAPID CNC - MPEe=2,2+L/350, MPEp=2,5μm
2. CNC-control unit and Joystick from RENISHAW
3. DELL PC with newest configuration, WINDOWS XP, 20" TFT monitor, colour printer from Dell, 3 years warranty
4. a.).Manual rotate- and swingable probe head TP8 / b.) Probe head RTP20 inclusive TP20 probe and 1 module
5. 10 piece set of M2 stylus in a box, 1 calibration ball Ø25 with M8 thread

Further you will receive the following equipment according to your requirements:
Changer No No MCR20 changer
Probe TP8 TP8 RTP20
Measuring area 700x500x400mm      
Order-No.: P754-PS-bs-TP8-e P754-BS-st-TP8-e P754-BS-lx-rtp-e
*Prices are Ex work / Training, installation, travel expenses are not included / Warranty period: 12 months.
The Offer is valid until 31.12.2010.

 3D-measuring machine “RAPID/RAPID Plus” CNC
Merits of our machine:
Highest precision, robust design, thermal stability and high rigidity
It is achieved thanks to the use of fine materials such as granite or ceramic. Optimized air bearings secure great mechanic precision.

Great diameter of the quill
Thus the rotation round the Z axis is prevented. Ideal for the use of long contact tips. Besides that a fine controlled pneumatic balancing of Z axis weight.

Belt drive at all axes
High rigidity and low wear. Low maintenance requirements.

Modern, flexible contact systems (Picture 1)
All reading systems may be used (contact, optic and scanning) by Renishaw as well as the respective change units of modules. Plane or point laser may be used.

Enclosed guiding route (Picture 2)
Protection against damage and direct temperature impacts.

Double passive dampening of vibrations (Picture 3)
Integrated directly in the machine frame. Thus the machine may be suitably positioned close to production. Active vibration dampening by pneumatic spring insulators also possible.

Calculated sections guarantee highest rigidity, dynamism and constant precision
Guiding parts of natural granite of the highest quality secure protection against temperature impacts on guidance precision and long-term stability
Besides high precision the optimized air bearings also guarantee fluent operation with low wear and vibration damping
Compensation of quill weight by precision controlled pneumatic cylinder
Systems of distance measuring: photoelectric light system by RENISHAW
Resolution 0.0005mm
Feed speed max. 530mm/s
Acceleration max. 1400mm/s

Flexibility of measuring range in all axes
Our coordinate measuring machines RAPID / RAPID Plus are characterised by the highest precision, compactness and low maintenance demands. The machines come equipped with precise optimized granite guides. Ceramic guides of the highest quality may be supplied on request.

In this way the measuring machine acquires dynamics and rigidity.] Thermal stability and high guiding precision provide for the most precise measuring results even without substitution of software compensation. Double passive vibration absorbers are standardly integrated in machines. Machines can be delivered with pneumatic spring insulators upon customer’s request. This allows dampening of especially low frequency oscillations.

Reliability and precision for top price
Air bearings are enclosed as standard. Thus the guides are protected against damage, dirt and direct temperature impact. High-dynamic servo-motors and highly rigid belt drives guarantee optimal positioning behavior. These factors make our machines ideal for scanning. Our machine design system enables various combinations of axes lengths. We shall be pleased to make a machine according to your individual requirements.

Technical Data:
Measuring Area RAPID RAPID Plus
X-Axis [mm] 600 700 800 900 800 1000 1200 1500
Y-Axis [mm] 500 600/700
Z-Axis [mm] 400 500/600
Weight [kg] 550 600 800 980 1100 for Y = 600
1250 for Y = 700
1300 for Y = 600
1500 for Y = 700
1500 for Y = 600
1750 for Y = 700
1700 for Y = 600
2000 for Y = 700
Max.workpiece weight [kg] 450 480 500 550 550 600 650 700
Length [mm] 1360 1460 1560 1660 1681 1881 2081 2381
Width [mm] 1035 (for y 600) 1171, (for y 700) 1271
Height (H) [mm] 2230 2460 / 2660
Table height (A) [mm] 800
Measuring accuracy[μm] according to ISO 10360-2: MP EE=2.2 + (L/350) ; MPEP=2.2 with TP200
Resolution 0.0005mm
Calibration speed
Max. speed
Max. acceleration
0 to 80mm/s
max. v = 530mm/s
a = 1400mm/s²
Temperature necessary to secure accuracy 20°C +/-2°C, max. 1°C / hour, 1,5°C / day
pre-cleaned air - quality according to ISO 8573 class 2
Air consumption 25 l/min, pre-cleaned air – quality according to ISO 8573 class 2