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G.U.S Lube Oil

Today, lubricating oil or lube oil is the most commonly used lubricant because of its wide range of possible applications. The two basic categories of lube oil are mineral and synthetic.

The main function of lube oil is prevent the production of rust, therefore preventing damage to the metal machine surface. So a lubricant is a substance that reduce friction, heat and wear.  


 Industrial and Maintenance Oil


 Premium quality pure PAO and GUS synthetic EDM oil 

- Excellent reducing heat effects for both workpiece and electrodes.

- Provide on premium quality and synthetic type.

- Excellent surface finish by excellent flushing power.

- Very low wear and corrosion for cost saving on production.

- Excellent rust protection and very low smell and very low irritation 



Diesel, LPG, CNG/NGV Engine Oil

 Supreme quality G-U-S plus PAO synthetic oil for superior long life

- Supreme outstanding soot control to prevent oil viscosity change.

- Supreme ability to minimize deposits in piston-ring line.

- Excellent wear protection for critical components including piston rings, liner and bearing.

- Reduce viscosity thickening due to high-soot levels commonly in EGR engines.

- Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown.

- Reduce vanish, sludge and carbon deposits.



Supreme quality G-U-S synthetic oil for super long life

- Cleaner and longer engine life.

- Superior protection against wear and carbon deposits.

- Excellent high temperature performance.

- Protect against rust and corrosion.

- Outstanding protection against high temperature oil oxidation and thickening.

- Superior sludge and oxidation control.

- Lower fuel and oil consumption. 



Gasoline, LPG, CNG/NGV Engine Oil


Supreme quality G-U-S plus PAO synthetic oil for superior long life

- Extreme protection against wear.

- Protect against rust and corrosion.

- Excellent flow capability for cold weather.

- Retain suitable viscosity for high temperature lubrication.

- Supreme outstanding protection against carbon deposits.

- Lower fuel and oil consumption.

- Long drain interval.